14 Years Old

It's not a preference, it's the way I'm wired
News told stories of people fired
For just simply being who they are
Employers going quite as far as to say
They just can't trust someone who's gay.

It's not a phase and its not an illness
But sure, I'll sit here in complete stillness
As you poke and prod and burn my skin
And teach me to alter the person I'm in

The fourteen year old girl who hides who she is
She thinks coming out is some kind of death wish
She scratches her own skin, in the light of her room
Her happiest moments, shaded in gloom

I will fight for her, as I stand up for me
We are who we are, or we can never be free
You can't change who you love, why do you care?
Caring too much is what caused this nightmare

It's not a preference, it can't be changed
Sexuality rearranged
My brain can't control its chemistry
You can't pray the gay away from me

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