I see all these happy people
Waiting under the pink blue lights of tomorrow,
Flashing lights like a police car
on a Friday night.
They have no worries,
they're young and they're free.
I see my friend with a snow cone in his hand
Standing under the pillar made of bricks
He's happy, he's young, and he's free.
I hear screaming of the people
like we are in a horror movie
But then again they're happy,
they're young and they're free.
The ride goes back and forth
like Newton's Cradle
It's summer of 14 no school no worries.
Late night at the carnival
makes you feel alive again
it makes you want to live again.
Staring into the summer night sky is like getting lost at sea
It makes it feel like time doesn't exists
and we aren't even living in a reality,
This is all just a dream.

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