15 Minutes

There used to be a place I knew where folks would come to rest
They’d funnel down a drink or two then warble with the best
“Fifteen Minutes” was its name and when the mood was right
On many nights I’d find my fame beneath those bar room lights

A lover’s song, some rock and roll, the genre mattered not
I’d work the stage and bare my soul then order up a shot
Oh how the crowd would cheer me when I nailed a perfect tune
They clamored just to hear me in my alcoholic swoon!

But then one night while in the brace of boisterous refrain
A familiar face stepped in the place from out the pouring rain
With hands on hips she threw a glare that brought my curtain down
“Let’s go” she said with nostrils flared. I left without a sound.

And so my paradise was lost and home’s now where I stay
No microphones, no cover costs, just pot roasts and sorbet
And though she doesn’t feel my pain, I’m sure you would agree
That “Fifteen Minutes” was its name, but it was “home” to me.

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