1700 Miles from Home

1700 miles from home
A yellow house sits at the top of a hill
This gravel road carries my soul
1700 miles from home.

Bright blue skies call my name
Hot sun and pounding surf,
Salty breeze and choppy sails,
Cool water rushes to cover warm toes
As sand is pulled beneath my feet.

1700 miles from home
Soy and corn stalks wave hello
Winding dirt road carries my soul
I miss my home.

Left my home so long ago
Never could say goodbye,
To golden sand and bright blue sky,
1700 miles from home.

Met a boy in college,
He swept me off my feet.
Never felt a love so kind and sweet.
An Iowa farm boy.

I never thought I'd leave
Golden sand and bright blue sky
For a winding dirt road
And a yellow house on a hill.

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