It has been two hundred and one days,
and counting,
since that first day.
The very first time I was graced by your presence,
complete with your infectious grin
and your incredibly contagious laughter.

How long is long enough,
for a relationship to grow,
into something worth writing,
for everyone to know?

Our relationship has blossomed,
into a flower I have never seen.
But boy, let me tell you,
it's affect on me was entirely unforeseen.

I ask you a plethora of questions,
some left unresolved and soon forgotten.
I know you're busy,
believe me, I do,
but there is one dream I wish would come true.

I want you to tell me every story you know.
Don't skip any details, please,
they could never bore me.
Each fragile moment from your childhood
that has made you so magnificent.
Tell me about anything you remember,
from the day you were born
to the day we met.
The only rule?
You cannot stop until you have covered everything,
from your deepest secrets to your happiest days.
Time, I have, but true knowledge
of someone so breathtaking, I do not.

Let me into the cracks of your heart,
into the memories you hold most dear.
I promise I won't touch them,
I only want to know what's really there.

Even lacking sufficient knowledge,
most of which I crave incessantly,
it seems I have known you for ages,
although I am certain I have not.
But perhaps in a different lifetime,
I did know your each and every thought.

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