1896 Logical Reasoning

My heart dashes, panic flashes, I must calm down.
All I can hear is pound, pound, pound, and pound.
My eyes swell, losing lashes as my mind clashes.
Around and around, I must calm down.
It's a little warm in here, but not yet dripping sweat.
What a test for such a career, one I will never regret.
There is one Pamela and the rest are guys.
For simple reasons, I am not surprised.
There are fifteen minutes before test time.
It is quiet in here. I really want a dime.
A dime I'll drop on the floor to distract their minds.
They all look at me once in awhile.
Their eyes tell me I look very young, maybe still a child.
The clock shows there are eight minutes and counting down.
Fate and freewill have led me here
Here to this classroom without any sound.
My heart still dashes, my mind clashes as my panic flashes.
I still hear pound, pound, around and around.
Two minutes left with both feet on the ground.
I still hear the pound, pound; it's calming down.
My mind still clashes and starts slowing the sounds.
Thirty more seconds left on the clock
Tick-tock, tick-tock, and suddenly, pow!

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