Listen now with an empty head
The strength of our nation depends on you, us, and you.
In destroying that unjust lot, we honor our ancestry.
Think, countrymen, of all that we’ve lost.
Find hope and rage in all that we have to gain.
Bountiful lands, honor, wealth, all within our grasp.
Speak of respect for your blood and for the Lord
You stand at the crossroads between divine glory and earned destruction.
The truth lies in the victories He brings us tomorrow.
March, soldier, and raze their countryside.
They hate us, hate you, hate me and our great cause for triumph.
Our nation’s awesome power crushes the weak and feeble.
Kill, patriot, the silent agents of chaos
Hidden deep within our homes and shops.
With each shattered window and skull, we grow strong.
Die, brittle-boned and untrue fools,
Blind and lagging in the forgotten past.
History will be written by the victor.
Die, you citizens of a shattered nation
Conquered at last by the righteous and supreme
Followers of a God long dead.
Listen now with an empty head.
There is no truth but that I tell,
There is no Lord but I.

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