2 angles, 1 person.

They're two sides of me,
One many don't see.
The side I keep hidden,
As like a great treasure in the sea.
But that side of me you see,
The one you may think is mean,
Is the side I show so that no one really knows how broken and fragile I could truly be.
The true side of me, is a side hard to open,
But If one were to notice, they would see it's truly golden.
But that's the problem, here's the truth ;
The moment one knows , the treasure another holds, they act secretive around, stay quiet like a mouse and take what you have the moment you're down.
The side of me you see
Is a side built well strong,
So that no one could tell when something is going on.
And the inside part of me,
I keep shut like a lock
Because I watch what’s all around to be careful like a hawk.
So never judge one for what you see, or the way they can act.
But one thing this society lacks is taking the time to see how one is truly abstract.

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