2 Going on 3

Sweeter lips haven't smiled a day passed the day yours smiled at me.
They're ashamed, as I would be if that were me.
2 going on 3
How come these years feel like battles, your tears feel like wars?
Could we make it to 4?
I hope we make it
before I lose all sense of hope in this place
or I lose all blood and color in my face.
A ghost with a cry on a high-speed chase.
And I am nothing. And I am nothing. And I am nothing without you.
You're already grown out of me like a Hyperion tree in a rose garden
When did it happen, darling?
Did it happen while I was too busy dreaming of dresses and rings?
How did it happen that I was made for you but not you for me?
I'll be so mad at Him.
I think I'll be so mad at Him if you were to leave.
I'll be so mad at Him and I'll be so mad at me.
I feel like you're not in love with me.
We were an uphill battle for me but for you a concluded crescendo.
You're stagnant now and I'm still stuck in our old tornado.

I don't write because it hurts.
The more I write the more memories I create.
The more memories I'll have to erase.
The more times I'll relive my life and your mistake.
I don't write because it hurts, love.

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