2 roots

In my garden, there grow many blossoms
each root a diverse shape, size, and color

One day, two roots, from separate patches, places, and histories

The first, born in a Persian pool of rose water streaming straight from the Zagros Mountains.
The other, in a batch of Chinese cherry blossoms below the hills of Hualien, Taiwan

Their red and yellow colors collide, creating orange persimmons
Their histories hatch a new story, birthing lucid lotuses infused with perfumed pomegranate seeds.

Their rough and rounded shapes shed soft, serene ovals that round the region with light.
This fusion, this multi-faceted crash, creates divinity upon my garden.

Two roots, from two regions, from two mothers and fathers, weave a blanket of beauty across my garden.

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This Poems Story

I am Persian and the man I was to marry was Chinese. Honoring our culture as a part of our ceremony was vital to me. I wrote this poem to illustrate the beauty of our two very different backgrounds blending together.