2-way Love Affair

I wish I could read your mind so I'd know whats in your thoughts
I wish you would open up to me and let me in your hear,
It's weighing heavy on my soul that we are so connected
Can't even comprehend the issue; unanswered questions left neglected,
This ain't us, it's never been and my mind is frustrated
You see invisible problems that don't exist now it's complicated,
I'm fighting a war alone, yet I'm still losing
Cause you pulled out the big guns and misused them,
Slow dying from confusion getting lost this is real
Puzzled by my mind, you and I, you and him,
Don't wanna think on it I tell myself it's a dream
Better yet a nightmare cause those aren't always what they seem,
I try to wake myself, throw some water on my face
Pinch the skin on my arm, I start to feel my heart race,
No this is not a dream it's as real as it gets
Got my mind gone, I hope I don't have no regrets,
Yea... I remember all that talk
You used all those sweet words that got you in my heart,
Now I don't want you to leave but you're confused on whether to stay
So where do we go from here, cause sitting idle ain't okay,
You'll live in my heart though you'll die soon in my mind
Cause I've given all I've got and you're running out of time,
I guess I'm at a lost for words I need to find peace within myself
Even though it kills me to think that you love with someone else.

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