2. WHO AM I?

Who am I?
I am that young boy
Crying over the dead body
Of his mother in a remote
War-torn country

Who am I?
I am that young girl
Crying over the loss
Of her virginity to rebels
In strife stricken territories

I am the grief stricken mother
Who has lost her children
To the mortar and bullets
Fired indiscriminately by both
Sides in a conflict

I am the silent onlooker
The conscience of those
Who see and yet choose not to see
The futility and destruction
That comes with armed conflict

It is always said that it is the innocent
That lose during a war
But wars continue to be fought
And innocent lives continue to be lost
But to what gain?

We have powerful world organisations
That were set up to stop these wars
Yet we witness the same situation
Play itself over and over again

Unity of purpose is the only solution
For putting an end to this madness
If conflict is addressed by all world bodies
Whether it happens in the west, east, north or south
Only then can we be rid of these senseless wars

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