The sensations rush through the body.
The pulse races as the consciousness remains trapped.
Heart rate increases to eight to twenty beats per minute.
Eight to twenty,
basic phonetic arrangements of letters, describing the dire feeling.
The euphoric disaster which induces one's evolutionary reactions.
To fight or to flee, complex beings that thrive to survive.
Palpitation, a rather silly word
that one may giggle at as a child.
Numbness and shaking in one's hands,
the hands which have performed the most intricate work,
stroked the most precious,
become impaired, trembling like an unstoppable earthquake.
One's being displays violent convulsions
as the result of a perceived danger.
The disarray is like a glass slipping from one's finger,
shattering into pieces.
Shards sparkle in the light,
displaying a majestic unravelling.
The entrapping nature of the human form,
comprised of an elusive exterior and interior.
I attempt to remove my skin as one may slip out of one's attire.
Yet the confines of one's mind only offer imprisonment;
one can not be liberated from the barbed wire.

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