2014 Rules to Live By

The only person you can truly depend on for help is yourself.
Be sure to chase your dreams but don't chase the wealth.
Eat right and exercise, take good care of your health.
Read a good book, because it's not all about your body but your mind as well.
Have some sort of belief system--it doesn't always have to be heaven or hell.
Fall in love with the right someone because love's the best feeling felt.
Shower often and brush your teeth--nobody likes a funky-ass smell.
Spread your arms and reach out, don't get too comfortable in your shell.
Try not to confuse lust for love, you'll want to steer clear of that spell.
If you ever have to use your fist, don't stop till you hear a bell.
The best way to lose an argument is to be the first one who starts to yell.
If you have to go through someone to get to the top, it's best to use stealth.
In this rat race we call living, never look back to see who fell.
Follow the rules of your land, nobody likes living in a cell.
In the poker game of existence, everyone has a tell.
But don't you ever cheat in life; play the cards you're dealt.

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