American prejudice colors Crips, Bloods and Caucasians,
but if you calculate it right, the world is run by Asians,
but if you keep it on track it's run by Jamaicans.
Blacks on the rise, trending from Africans and Haitians,
but we're currently, steadily, getting soda-popped,
confused on calling the cops on the cops
and racism trending like STDs, seeming impossible to stop--
just steadily spreading and spreading like weeds that were never cropped.
Then society is fighting each other to get to the top,
and thinking that love, success, and time is bought,
and it's no doubt that our new generation is misled--
new iPhones and tablets, but not a book is read;
the thought of intimacy running through a ten-year-old's head;
twelve-year-old with drugs hidden under his bed.
she's thirteen wishing on stars for bigger breasts,
thinking about tomorrow's outfit rather than tomorrow's test.
Still in middle school with big things to confess
like a pregnancy or cuts and bruises at suicidal rest.
I'm not concluding that the world is a mess,
but if you ask me, I might throw in a "yes"
just 'cause society is being taught to settle for less
with no help from the hypocritical elderly yelling east in the west,
with no help from parents who only say it's temporary to be depressed.
We have a whole community that's angered and over-stressed.
but who says we can't change what happens next?

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