2016 (stars)

Oh, the inspiration! The impact!
From Stardust, to Black Star.
To the bravest man I ever knew. To kill a mockingbird.
To float like a butterfly, and sting like a bee.
To purple rain, to heal the pain.
To a girl who never got a shot, getting it in the worst kind
of way.
To the royal princess who had to use force to be taken
To her mother who loved her to death. Hallelujah.
Mothers. Fathers. Sons. Daughters.
Actors. Singers. Dancers. Fighters.
Dreamers. Believers. Creators. Achievers.
Inspiration for all generations.
When a star dies, we can't just let it fade out.
We must grasp its haunting spirit and bring it back to life...
In everything we do.
Otherwise, we waste what someone put their entire life into.
Stars who burned too bright, burned out too soon.
Stars who never stood a chance next to the moon.
Stars who were able to see the Earth from their own point
of view.
For we so loved these stars, their souls were given the power
To guide and inspire us until we can join them
To dance through the galaxy together. Forever.

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