Terror and fear pollute the world we live in,
people so confused not knowing which way to turn.
Dirty politicians fighting for a spot in the oval office,
Cloudy skies, rough seas, watching forest fires burn.

Quarantined souls, people feeling a sense of instability,
the country shut down, lives in despair.
People losing their minds, trying to make sense of this uncertainty,
All the nonsense going on around us just isn’t fair.

Black lives matter, is the new moto,
used by so many angry black people,
Do you really blame their logic?
considering many of them have never been treated as an equal.

Look I’m all for equal rights,
and every race having the same opportunities.
To walk down the block and feel safe,
Instead of feeling nothing but insecurities.

Some are good, some are bad,
guess what, that is the case in every race.
Let us quit acting like they are all ignorant,
and treat them like we treat most of our race.

2020 has been brutal and mean,
in more ways than one.
Shit I think I’ve seen more hurricanes, and destruction,
than I have seen the setting sun.

People rioting over this cause and that cause,
some peaceful others destroying anything in their way.
Come on people, wake up, open your eyes,
this isn’t the way to make the innocent pay.

Now we have a fight going on in Washington,
over whom will become the leader of us all.
One says too much, the other is an old fool,
No matter who wins, this country is destined to fall.

Blame it on 2020,
or all the ignorance and hate out there.
Unless we all someday come together as one,
This so-called great country will never be fair.

I’m done ranting and raving,
Saying how I truly feel.
Stop letting the government influence how we see each other,
Instead let’s all come together and just live, DEAL!!!!!!!!!

David W. Robin

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