This year has been a test of faith
Like nothing from the past
The toughest are struggling with our reality
How long will our struggles last.

We started off this year with high hopes
Only to run into a wall
The entire world went on lock down
From a virus that wants us all

Then there is the race war erupting
Thats is fought in the streets every day
When you have children of color
Just going outside is a reason to pray

Lets not forget the evil in power
Those running this great land
Twisted up in their child abuse schemes
Now exposed so we see whats at hand

Social media spreads our negativity
Faster than the speed of light
People will believe everything they read
Because some are just not that bright

So your falling down this black hole
Like its a race to the finish
Helping spread all this insanity
Forcing all bright light be diminished

Its time to learn our lessons
And recover our American Dreams
Its time to admit our wrongs
Stop the fighting and become a team

Get back to the basics
Rebuild our families
Protect and love our children
Push them to be Kings and Queens

Push good values and respect
Stop the shots that constantly ring
Appreciate what you have
And work hard for better things

This year has been a test of faith
Like nothing we've ever faced
Lets learn our lessons quickly
Before our reality is replaced.

By Cyndi Jo James

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