Once upon a time, the world was simpler
And we knew what to expect
I loved being social with my friends
I often worried about small things like what to wear and getting a ‘b’ on a test
Many people took took 2019 for granted
The best things were always just within reach
Then, “ 3! 2! 1! Happy New Year! “
Suddenly, the world was in shock and disbelief as the terrors of 2020 unveiled themselves
Some people thought that the pandemic was nothing but a hoax
Others knew that things would never be the same
I saw doubt turn to fear as millions lost their lives
I noticed how still the world felt when i stepped outside
I enjoyed staying in bed for school
And I had to learn how to be my own teacher
I had to let go of childish behaviors when my family needed me
I never knew what to expect, we were all in the dark
I didn’t expect to lose people i loved, and i didn\'t expect to become so lonely
I mourned the loss of my freedom
And I learned that sometimes, its okay to not be okay
I cherished time with others, when i wasn’t alone with my thoughts
And I grew to love myself for who i am, not who i could be
I am proud that i have made it this far
I am grateful to have clothes to wear, running water, food to eat, and a roof over my head
I hope, someday soon, that we can stop living in fear
Because even though we have grown strong, we all have a breaking point
And we can only pretend for so long

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This Poems Story

This was a class assignment and my teacher suggested that i try to get it out there.