2020 Pandemic of COVID 19


Quarantine is this real, the whole country is at a
Stand still, no more work and unemployment for the
Rest of the year. Stay at home quarantine and wear a
Mask they say, social distance stay away. Racial
Protest and riots what a joke the racist generation
Is dead long ago. Why can’t everyone just get along
Stand together for our freedom and rights will soon
Be gone. As all this and more is going down fires start
To burn the beautiful land all around. This world is
Going crazy being quarantined. Homeless and starving
People I see all over the TV loosing their homes and
Everything they own from all the fires how can this be.
It’s a disaster can’t you see. All this due to a
Pandemic of COVID 19. By this time next year I
Wonder where will be. Thanks to a pandemic of

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