2020 The Year Coronavirus Came Alive

Creeping like a thief into our lives
Coronavirus comes and begins to thrive
Striking the world with a mighty fist
Knocking us down, causing havoc in our midst
Flattening economies to an all time low
Shutting down businesses, no room to grow
Fear holding us captive, peace so hard to find
No vaccines, no medications, no cure of any kind
People without jobs, unemployment on the rise
Grocery shelves empty, will this be our demise
Church and school closings, can't even give a hug
Social distancing, not wanting to catch the bug
Face mask coverings are asked to be worn
Since this virus was mysteriously born
Corrupt police departments begin to unfold
Black Lives Matter Protests, as the story is told
Days, weeks and months quickly pass by
As Coronavirus death tolls reach an all time high
2020 President election, decisions to make
In this world of uncertainty, with so much at stake
This year will surely be written in the history books
When Coronavirus came and the whole world shook

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