21st Century Teacher

Fighting on the front lines
(with red pens)
for creativity
for independent thought
for common sense
not Common Core

This is a battle
in a bureaucratic war
that we’re losing

Keep pushing and shoving
Against a brick wall

Children look down at us and
They ask,
“Is this on the test?”
And say,
“Get the fuck out of my face”

But why is “mistake” a forbidden word?

We are to shape

That are programmed by parent(s) to resist

Beings who regurgitate and don’t create
Kids who recall, recite, and retaliate

School is no longer a safe haven
Testing, testing, 1-2-3
and then on and on

Following the curriculum map to
X marks the standardized test

The conflict is that
if we can’t perfectly mold the
(bland) toy soldiers

we fail.

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This Poems Story

The struggles of modern-day education from an English teacher’s perspective.