I was headed downtown with a hangover,
Stranded in Nashville when I found my fate,
The boy with one eye and the blondest hair ever,
I'll always remember room 228,
The fridge full of natty and the bottle of whiskey,
That kicked off a stringe of the strangest events,
And the following days that are now such a haze,
When we stuck together wherever we went,
Off in the night I was his and he knew it,
Out in the boonies alone in a tent,
Falling asleep to the sound of his music,
Smoking like chimneys and drinking like fish,
Thumbing a ride to the tip of the country,
Lost in eachother and out of our minds,
Stumbling in love we were searching for something,
Finding out opposites can be two of a kind,
Fussing and fighting in a room full of crazy,
And dreaming about being husbands and wives,
Both of us reckless and vicous and lazy,
Our love was insane and our words were like knives,
Chest to chest in the intensest of combat,
We drank away promises we just couldn't keep,
The room started spinning and we forgot we were fighting,
So I fell in his arms and he sang me to sleep

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