24 hours to call it a day,
23 reasons to procrastinate.
22 excuses not to smile,
21 more to crib and whine.
20 vanquished for every victor,
19 who persevere and become better.
18 reasons to break down and cry,
17 more to get up and re-try.
16 prizes that are nothing but bait,
15 moves to trap you in a checkmate.
14 chapters to every story,
13 of which do not speak of glory.
12 steps you climb every day,
11 of which you fall down again.
10 times a story was a crime,
9 of which children now sing as rhymes.
8 mistakes made on a whim,
7 of which are the deadly sins.
6 people who steal your crown,
5 more who kick you when you're down.
4 people who dearly love you,
3 of which never fail to tell you.
2 sides to every story ever told,
1 of which is yours to own.

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