24 Hours

There are twenty-four hours in a day,
Twenty-four I dare say that is a lot,
Too many perhaps if you would count each minute you must wait,
One thousand four hundred and forty.

So riddle me this young traveler,
If I were to give you the time,
Would you wait one thousand four hundred and forty minutes,
If I promised you twice that in gold?

I don’t think that would appeal to you,
Going for twenty-four hours without sleep,
But two thousand eight hundred and eighty in gold,
Seems a fair price to wager on time.

That there sum of money my boy,
Equivalates to the time I have spent,
Waiting here without rest at this station,
For my dear boy to come home.

It’s dreadfully hard to see now,
And I fear I am losing my voice,
But I promised him I would wait at the station,
Though I don’t know how much time I have left.

You see young man there’s this trouble,
When you live to be ninety-seven,
There are all of these weights and pressures and achings,
That bring a man down, you know.

I pray that I make it at least one more day,
So I may see my boy come home,
For his precious face is the last face on this earth,
That this here frail man wants to see.

You know you look quite a lot like my son,
Your mustache, your hair, and your eyes,
If only my memory would serve me right,
I might be able to tell you a tale of him.

Oh don’t cry my boy, it’s all right,
You needn’t shed a tear for me,
I have lived a long life and now all I wish,
Is to see my boy’s face one more time.

I’m sorry my boy, I can’t hear you,
I do believe my ears have gone numb,
And it’s getting awfully dark in here,
Ahh yes, I do believe it is time.

It saddens me that I must leave you now,
Without seeing my boy’s face once more,
But I must thank you, young child, for waiting with me,
Twenty-four hours again.

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