24 Hours

If we lived in a cave and never saw light,
we would no longer eat or sleep as much;
People fall in black holes of routine.
If we never knew time, never saw sunrise,
we wouldn't eat at nonsense times: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Time cannot decide what I want.
I take my pen and pull down the sky, like blinds.
This is how I see lines:
I put my finger in my ear, fall into my brain, and pull out my mind.
I see all my ideas in a spider web of thoughts,
bring them outside, and whip them to the ground,
plant my signature in trees.
Yes, I root the universe.
Then, limbs stem into infinite direction continuous connection,
to breath. We tie oxygen to railroad tracks
because on this rectangle planet air dyes
the sky neon green, and we live on sugar and LSD.
We dump buckets of water on our ground,
spread it with hands to shape rivers, and feet to dig deep oceans.
We form the bottom of all liquid motion.
Water falls out spouts, sprouts 3D mirrors, and reflects tree images to clouds.
They grumble and reply with lightning striking my veins.
All these designed the same because that's my brain
running through forest veins pumping sense
of identity to creation.
I root the universe.

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Inspired by the Gonzos.