24 Moon Light

Fallen upons some old rocks and moon light views
We seek out the thoughts that rush by.
Finding more then whats at front.
A glimsps of the next reality of dreams.

A ball of strings, wraped up paths to many destinations,
locked up in a box of unknowing.

Rush in by beauty, something full of sense.
Can't be ingored. Can't be fully understood.

Released at dawn the compass spins!
The pursuit begins..

Before all in known day becomes night, night becomes day.
Running pass as if something was hidden in between the two.

Intuition rises in the destine hands of two.
Side by side, pages begin writting themselves.

Deep in the sky blue, stories old and untold.
To be found somewhere water or land.

Inside the arms of soft passion,
i stand insightful like a old broken clock.

Here in the moonlight i look into the eyes
of dusk to find a understanding of drive.

To the worlds limits we go.

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