25 Hours Left to Live

If you had 25 hours left to live what would you do they asked
Most will answer with the dead hand of the past
Some will only question, which only leads to obsession and depression
Why 25 hours and not 24?
How long will I be in pain for?
What even happens after I die?
Fuck! Who even is the "I" that's going to die?
This is when the fear then begins to steer
Question after question,
Spreading through the mind like terminal cancer
Because it seems impossible to find an answer
Only few will realize it's not the answer or even the question
Rather it's the meaning and purpose of one's life
in full expression
Moment by moment, Breath by breath
Lurking around the corner might be death
Finding inner peace and accepting this to be true
How can one not show gratitude?
This world is a chaotic, exquisite and mysterious place
Here for all of us to embark and embrace!
Like love, life and death cannot be explained
So, love the creation you have framed
Living every 25 hours like it's the last
Not being stuck in the future or the past
Before the curtains close and taking that final bow
I'll know that the time is now

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