I see her from across the room
I dare not approach
For it would be my doom
I look at her with longing in my eyes
Slowly as the time flies
I reach out proclaiming myself
But like a doll on the shelf
I remain silent unmoved
As I know my advance would be unapproved
Her eyes twinkle and look up to me
I stare for a moment but look away
Tell myself it's not meant to be
But yet I stay
I want to say I love you
But to her it isn't true
Because she is with Chad or Drew
I want to touch her hair
But me being in this chair
Has made me take an unspoken vow of chastity
Her face and tone
Every cell every bone
Calls to me
But I cannot answer...
If I did it would be disaster
Her emotions like love potions
Leave me with the notion that I want to carry out a motion with this girl and earn the promotion from friend to something with meaning...
But with my heart beating...
I take a beating constantly repeating till I'm left out in the street Bleeding looking to her to give
My life meaning but it's honestly defeating when I see her smile with Drew Keating
Oh but when she says hi
You can kiss my logic goodbye as I lay back and sigh to the thought of never saying goodbye,
I want to be her perfect guy but why should I lie?
To her it'd be better if I die
So I'm writing a note she'll never read
at least if I succeed in trying not to bleed out.
All I want is her to secede from the trouble that Drew breeds but
Alas, can't get a girl to think with her head
Because without him she said she'd rather be dead
so I lay here in bed thinking instead
of a time where I can see her without rhythm or rhyme
And she'd be perfectly fine
With me calling her mine
perhaps we'd dine to some fine wine and dance the night away...
To find out it was a dream
Damn who knew life could be so mean?
Here I am just a normal teen
Wanting to start a team with the girl of my dreams.
But I waste away
because when I first see her,
I still don't know what to say...

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