When the lights goes down,
the nights perform.

The night is like a cage,
in which I'm trapped,
And in the blanket of loneliness
in which I'm wrapped.

With your love as my strength,
I never back down ,
but at last I surrender
and look for the date
Which never came in calendar.

And in the absence of the lights,
I hear a whispering voice of the night.
whispering something in my ear
But only a little I could hear

But I'm sure its all about you,
and all about my dreams
which never came true
All about my joy and sorrow
Till now which I did borrow

It whisper all the words
which I was not able to speak
The voice of my heart
Which i was not able to leak

Each word of the night
Hit like a arrow
piercing my heart
Filling it with sorrow

Listening to this voice
my eyes gets moist
finally tears roll down
Which embeds your crown

You're unaware of the conversation
which occur all night long
Coz you're the treasure where all my thought belong

I'm writing this song
of you to hear
What night whisper
when no one is there......

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