the perfect smile doesn't waver
his charisma doesn't fade
it's all for the crowd to savour
and never question the decisions he made
she was thirteen when the tornado
walked into her life
he was sympathetic of her strife
and quickly became her beau

first, he took the strings of her heart
and made her believe she was loved
then, he made her his doll
a puppet whose existence he controlled
with simple commands and tiny threats
sh did as he said in a heartbeat

everyone thought she was content
they called him a Godsend
'monster' was more appropriate
they adored him
when they should have felt hate

he hit her at night
his shadow made her squeal in fright
she was not in prison
but her home was worse than hell

there was no love
only abuse and dominance
and the worst part was
other peoples desire for the chance
to be with him

twenty-eight years she was forced to suffer
because the wold was blind
to the deceit in his eyes
it took them that long to find
the monster that shone in his eyes

but it was too late
she had done what she should have done
twenty-eight years ago
bullet or dagger, which to choose?
which inflicts more pain, the right weapon to use.

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