I did saw this coming
but would I say I placed this on myself
yes! I think I did
shame on me

I thought I was doing what's best for us
yes! i was avoiding somethings
so you can put the blame on me
shame on me

am I telling the truth
perhaps, still trying to lay low in my lies
well that's my problem now
shame on me

I think the truth is
I always thought you're not good enough
and I went about chasing shadows
really shame on me

it's been always said
you don't know what you have got till it's gone
ah! that's enough truth as it is
shame on me

I have caused you pain
it might have not been intentional
please don't try to get back at me now
else, my shame would be on you

this pain I can't just bear
when it done on me last night
that I placed this upon myself
really, shame on me

this game your about to play
could get me lame for life
and I would never ask you not to play
cause am to blame and shame on me

I thy know, they say is always late
that's my case now
but please don't do these
else, my shame becomes yours to share

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