On the edge of the bed, I rest my head
Against the white window sill,
Wondering where my mind has made itself more comfortable
Than inside my cranium.
The sign on the store across the street, ABC Discount Liquors,
Screams at me to revisit the times my soul was
Too numb with whiskey to remember his name.
I miss my friends at the liquor store.
Vodka was my best companion
Rum was my secret affair
& whiskey..
Whiskey was my light.
I stare into the star splattered sky & I know that you always said
"It'll work out in the end"
But it's come pretty damn close to the end
& nothing seems to be any better than when I was drunk
& stumbling with you.
I close my eyes, attempting to block out the visual shouting
From across the serene street.
I remember that vodka will only drive me back to you
& I'll be sitting shotgun.
Even though you were the only one
Who made me feel like life was worth living,
You were also the only one who made me hate myself
More than the mirror did.

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