35 for aday

i know, there's little to be said, you herd the song its all in your head. am i here or have you left. your right in staying quit, just one of them days. not much to be said. what happend, don't tell me, i don't want to know. some body realy did it now, for all of you to show. lets hear the excuses, one at a time. starting with you. you said you were out of town, how, you know what never mind. you said it, im doing just fine? an why did you come out, just checking on them. well you all ready know.we play to win., keep your games to yourself, who said to begin. i rather not know, ill be sure to write. wasnt nun of us, still were all here tonight, listen dont no-one talk. you hear that? now thats the cops 35 to life again was the charge, all for beleave in you, my greatest bye far. you were allways right. the call is out, good night. a return to sender...?

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