If ever there was a down. I have been there, yet to be found.
Wondering where I went wrong, Where I truly belong.
The effort of waking, living life and faking.
Such an exertion of false happiness so tiring, so tedious, and uninspiring.
Where everyday seems such a chore, an endless bore.
Where nothing changes, no swivels or hinges.
I swivel, I hinge, But I only Cringe.
At the thought of Happiness, and love and what is expected of us.
Iv’e searched for so long, I can no longer be strong.
Sad and lonely. Mad and only, upset with my lack of strive.
At one point I thought I was alive. I thought I was living and having a blast.
But it seems I have been living in the past.
Times move on and things certainly do change, and it directly affects how we choose to behave.
I’ve lost it, it’s gone. I am no fun for anyone.
Just a sad lost soul, who gave up on his goals.
I’ve been dead for a while now, just waiting for heaven.
Maybe it’s time for the .357

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