365 days of a Mother\'s love

For all the things I didn’t say
About how I felt along the way
For the love you gave and the work you’ve done
Your heart is made of gold and peaceful like the sun
You being in my life gives me nothing but joy and happiness
With mothers like you, the world is free from sickness

A mother's love and tenderness
Is something that is measureless
For the words ‘ I love you” cannot express the way I feel about you today
Cause you mom took a lifetime to help me not to stray
I love and appreciate you mom and that’s a start
For me being in this world with you is not something I would want to restart

So here’s a short poem from me to you
Just expressing myself and here’s a clue
That I wish you a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY

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Tags : family, love, mom, parents, joy, happiness, daughter, poem
Key Words : love, admiration, joy, happiness

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This Poems Story

I wrote this poem for a project that I got assigned to. and while writing, I pored out all my love and admiration for my mother that I can\'t seem to say to her.