.38 Jesus

Cold companion pressed deep against my skull.
The steel's cold presence magnified by the hot,
salty beads of sweat.
4 inches separates life and death
Sadness and relief.
4 inches stands between escape and hidden prison.
Love left.
Love's substitute is resentment and jealousy.
Hate sits where compassion once ruled.
With the gentle caress of a finger companion speaks.
She barks; she breaths a cleansing fire.
The cool linoleum calms.
Serenity consumes the soul.
The weight of a thousand expectations lifts from the heart.
No lit tunnels.
No life size movies.
A brief moment of pure human thought on the verge of extinction.
The rapid thud of human presence rounds the corner.
As the last drops of life spill onto the pink shag bath-mat
her voice interrupts, "You stupid bastard...
How could you do this to me!"

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