4, 3, 2 . . .

Four eyes, three A.M., two hearts,
beating faster than the ticking of the clock can keep track of.
Time stands still when I see you looking across the room at me.
There are others here; girls who look at you,
begging with their eyes for the attention you remarkably gift to me.
There's always been something about you.
The way you smile"" it makes me feel.
My heart was not still broken, but numb, frozen.
The heat of your breath does wonders,
my heart has begun to thaw.
Just as the leaves that turn green and
the flowers that bloom in the spring,
my world is no longer black and grey.
I once again can see in color.
I see the blue in your eyes""
it's both as calm and as reckless as the sea.
I see the pink in my own cheeks""
as the blood rushes to my face when you utter my name.
I see the grey of your sheets""
as we lay there not saying a word,
but somehow saying things we've never said.
I see the red of your lips""
as they inch closer and closer to mine.
Because of you, my world has become bright again.
All I know is that in this moment,
I can once again"" see.

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