4 Hours

In those 4 hours all I can do is weep,
In those 4 hours all I could do was think,
Tic tock tic tock,
time kept on going but all my heart wanted was time
to go at pace,
As slow as his heart beat
beating little by little..
Tick tock, the pressure,
How much more of this torture,
For us: my mother, sisters, and myself.
In those 4 hours my mind was in denial,
But my heart start falling for this reality.
Tic tock I ran,
did not want nothing to do with this,
not anymore need a distraction..
In those 4 hours
A horrible feeling went into my heart
I ran back to him hoping for a miracle,
But in those 4 hours my mother and sister said
"He took his last breath"
My mind in a twirl my face in denial so I said
"daddy I love you", one last time
This burden in my heart acing,
How do people handle this horrible nightmare,
Wake up,wake up,wake up,
I was not able too reality became part of my life,
In those 4 hours someone dear to me past
My best friend, this man was my dad
In those dreadful hours my father is in a better place now.
in those 4 hours

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