4 Wheels and 7 Plys

Every day I pushed around
To constantly end up on the ground
Scraped and bloody, Sore and torn
Through sweat and pain our bond was formed

Learning to ride you took some time
But I was born and built to grind
Hot or cold, Rain or shine
A spot to shred we'd always find

As days passed by and turned to years
Together we did conquer fears
Ramps and Rails, Stairs and Gaps
Where ever they were is where we were at

You broke me down and built me up
Forged through will, you made me tough
And never did a thought so creep
That you would part from beneath my feet

Although as time grew on, my body betrayed me
It left me unable to ride you lately
So here I am to thank you greatly
For you alone never for sake me

Now at night, whilst I sleep
Is the only time we seem to meet
I dream of you and how we'd fly
My 4 wheels and 7 ply's

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