They will tell the tale,
Of a nation,
So strong, so brave,
They will say,
They were Black,
The creators of all,
A people-
Who defied extinctions call.
Who survived the gutters of corruption,
The wrenches of human heartaches,
Eras of genocide.
They strived for Justice.
They were the Black race.
They will say,
That they could paint a city gold,
with empty hands,
That they could raise gods,
in lands of plundered waist.
They will tell a tale,
Of a people,
Who came up from nothing,
And took over the world.
They were Black,
They will say.
And none,
Could ever keep them down. Antoinette Van Sluytman. 10/13/2017

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This Poems Story

The African American experience in America.