All I seek is a moment of relief
America's capitalism would rather I live in grief
The earth has supplied a flower of peace
But churches deemed it a tool of the beast

Mass media continues to spread its lies
So the consumption of pills continue to rise
Script after script the population will buy
Until mankind is destroyed from the inside

The F.D.A. say's it knows best
But they're the ones who have fixed the tests
They have taken their bribes like all the rest
While the one-percent's cronies continue to invest

In the Age of Information the laws begin to change
While ignorance, greed, and blind faith still remain
The population of the free world finds itself in chains
Being persecuted for the use of the one called Mary Jane

While the wrongly accused wait to be judged
The wheels of justice continue to spin in the mud
Religious institutions remain confined by their grudge
Buddha-heads epiphanies are spread through the circle of love.

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