45th Street

40 down the hatch
I don't have a lighter so can you bum a match?
Gotta stay high like the sun
Clears the memory of my wife and son
proly gunna crash in my room down in harlem
Walk low but gotta stand tall
if not, three shots in the dark as I fall
I strud while I reminisce
how can it come to this:
Caleb was my best and only friend
Bloods cliqued 'im in, no blue just red
Got sent for a job by the 45th street bend
I guess he was on some turf
Glock and a nine was heard from a benz
I guess im belated but I hate myself for not stopping what was fated
Fiance he was going to marry died as she read his obituary
I have to make my peace but the street wont let me
I feel sad for the young thugs who cant see
Soon fated dead, or in the penitentiary
Too late cause I packing 3 ounces of speed
Walk low but gotta stand tall
If not ima start to bleed and fall
should have rejected 45th long ago
But im too deep in this red wine
I couldve seen my wife and son one more time

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