5 Minutes and an

The first time a man said to me”I love you”
He was crying
And they were not tears of joy
But burden, stress, and appreciation

The first time a man said to me”I love you”
He took it back… 5 minutes later
“I don't know what love is…
It was the emotions
But you're special
I really really like you
We're better than all the others I said I love you too
I'm so glad I didn't finish telling you why i love you
Because I don't know if I do”

The first time a man said to me ”I love you”
I have had those words on my tongue waiting for permission to be spoken
I was laying in my bed 1454 miles away
my mouth smiled without my telling it to
And 5 minutes later my heart felt like it had been stabbed

You can't tell someone you love them
5 minutes later take it back..
or I guess you can…
because you don't love them

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This Poems Story

This poem is about the first time someone said to me "I love you".