5 square room

I am a Jew
Working against the Hitler
My companion Jacob Morton had the far most worst dreams I knew out of 5 when we were in concentration camps .
We both made love inside the 5square space room .
Yes .we are gay !
I remember his perfect prominent nose ,
Slippery lips,
Sharp tiger eyes,
And His flaws.
I am a Jew .
Working against the Hitler.
I am a baptist .
Singing blues every Sunday .
I am a racist !
I am an atheist !
I have no feelings ! never did
But I made love inside a 5square space room.
He’s a gentile soul
That my mama would never agree me to get married too
But we made love inside a 5 square room
We made love together so much that we had to shoot each other to show the world that there’s no barriers for love
no barriers for our lips to rejoin
No barriers since love alter !
He’s my nemesis
That I fall in love
He’s a traitor to my race
But we made love inside
A 5 square space room
We loved each other so much
That only the two bullets had the universal paranormal power to separate us to our own heavens

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