5150 living in a fantasy
Life is crazy everyday if your walking by me
There's not one day you won't see me laugh or cry
You never what side your gonna get until you look into these eyes
One minute I might be just fine the next you never know if you cross the line
I'm like a bullet in a gun
Pull my trigger and you better start to run
Cause once you free the bullet
There is no holding back
You set off this crazy hyna there's no going back
See there's a lot of crazy in me
You really don't want to see
I can be very psychotic if you fuck around me
Trust me when I say you dont want to play with me hey
Cause once I black out 
You let a whole other person out
There's a demon that lives inside my head
Its not pretty at all it is very mean and deadly
I'm warning you before you decide to let it out cause its ready
Its ready to come and take over me already
You can see it in my eyes
As they quickly turn to pure black
He's coming controlling me and that's a known fact
5150 is the life giving to me
It wasn't something I chose to live
It runs in these veins that I hold inside my skin

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