7.46 Seconds to Fly

The first time he jumped he fractured three ribs,
broke his left arm, and got high off of hospital drugs.
The second time he couldn't do it.
The third time however, he succeeded.
And he had 7.46 seconds to fly.
He managed to complete every persons dream of taking flight.
In a matter of seconds.

Soaked in street light a soft silhouette could be made out
on the roof of my best friends three story house.
But no one was there to witness his flight.
Only after can we picture what happened.
And even then,
it is only what our imaginations are capable of conjuring up.

Those 7.46 seconds of flight fill my head every day.
I guess it's true.
The farther gone you are
the more people start to pay attention.
And the more tragic your way of leaving,
the more people start to focuse on only that.
Not your life before, not your laugh,
no that's not what people focuse on.
They focuse only on those last few seconds of flight.
And the collision landing.

But what I remember is getting
7.46 seconds to fly.

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