7 Devils in the Night

On the darkest of nights
I woke to realize
My lover was slain
But to ease the pain
I tracked his blood across the floor
To open my cupboard and draw my sword
I left my hopes, myself and soul
Behind to assume this consuming role
Vengeance would be my last reward
Then I took a breath and opened the door
My feet were bare and my heart was black
As I set myself forward upon your tracks
You wanted my heart but I said no
And overtime your anger has grown
But to take my lover was a foolish choice
I have nothing left but this deafening voice
Take the king down to the depths with you
To hell we’ll dwell it’ll be us two
The path is ahead of me but I am brave
There’s seven guiding me along with rage
I approach your fortress but pass right through
The seven are with me and snuff out your few
The guards just fall dead on their knees
And let out a last breath begging “please”
The dirt shifts as a step over them
My remorse a silent and I recall there Sins
In the distance the torch flickers in the night
It reminds me of my loss as my feet take flight
I draw my sword and stifle the sound
Your door opens and I tiptoe around
I see your shadow and know it’s you
I’m about to do something I’d never do
But he’s gone and you’re here that can’t be so
So I’m Swift with my aim as I watch your head roll

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