7 Hours

7 hours spent sitting and working, A slave to my teachers with all the homework,
7 hours everyday learning useless things forced on me by a government,
That never thought about what I wanted to learn,
7 hours forced into tiny rooms with little movement,
They say we need 60 minutes of physical activity but going to bed at midnight makes that hard,
7 hours of relentless torment by “classmates” who don’t know me,
I can never get free because it follows me home and online and outside,
7 hours that drone on and on, 5 days a week where my free life depends on a letter,
My entire life depends on a letter,
7 hours spent on the work they forced home,
All-nighters and low fuel, waking to a groggy morning
7 hours wasted on “learning not memorizing”,
Yet we are forced to memorize numbers and letters and people
7 hours turned to more on our “free weekends”, But our chains from school lock us in our room away from the world,
Simply 7 hours, They say, You have it easy the adults say,
You’re fine the adults say, Finish it at lunch or in class they say,
7 hours
We’re TEENAGERS! We should be exploring,
Learning what WE choose, Creating our own path,
Living on our own schedule, Not the chosen,
7 Hours

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