7 minutes

Clasping her chest as she's thrown to the ground,
she stares into his devilish eyes;
"it's over" she whispers as the numbness takes over.
He has her in the spot he wanted her in and he's won.
What happened to little girl fairy tales?
Was the Prince Charming she dreamed of unreal?
Her father must have lied when he said she was pretty.
After all, she got herself here and swallowed her fear.
His moans pressed against her dying screams,
as he said, "good girl" and stroked her golden hair.
The liquor she devoured poured from her tears,
and her glistening eyes disappeared.
How did she end up with the villain of this story?
She lay trapped like a caged bird as he laughed
and he smiled, but it was easier to say yes
as he ripped off her dress.
What once was worn with such pride and delight
lie curled in the corner as she whimpered with fright.
She looked up and saw a light that brushed overhead,
but her world quickly grew black instead.
She closed her eyes and hoped she was dreaming,
but she knew it was real while kicking and screaming.
As he put his pants on and went out the door,
she dropped to her knees and begged for no more.
7 minutes defined the rest of her life.

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